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What is huΣan3 - The village?

huΣan3 - The village is a virtual community of practice for people learning to THRIVE despite planetary challenges, CREATE new ways of living, ALIGN with nature and CONTRIBUTE to a better world for all. 

When should I join?

  • If you are looking for a place that inspires hope and positivity in this time of converging crises
  • If you are looking to be part of an active, supportive and diverse global community of like-minded people
  • If you are working on setting life and lifestyle goals and making choices or reviewing existing ones
  • If you want to create total alignment in your life across your values, your purpose, your relationships, your work and any other area of your life
  • If you want to learn how to strengthen your mental, emotional and physical resilience
  • If you want to test ideas, get feedback and hear about other people's ideas
  • If you want to practice the 'huΣan3' way
  • If you look for support during big life changes 
  • If you want to get out of the 'matrix' and would like support for working on creating new systems, organisations and structures that make the old ones obsolete

 What will I get when I join the village?

Upon joining, you'll get access to 

  • A community of support that is as committed to growth as you are 
  • A new training module each month, exploring the mental and physical shifts we need to make to become more huΣan3 . 
  • A monthly 'campfire' session, where you can ask questions, share challenges and connect with others. 
  • Access to a growing library of training modules covering progressive lifestyle, personal development, relationships, change leadership, finances, relationships and many more. 
  • Coaching questions, thought prompts and support in our network group
  • Peer support, networking and introductions to other members in your area

 What is being huΣan3 all about - and why the spelling? 

"huΣan3" is the symbol of a new human identity and a call to action - a call to become more human (and humane!) by expanding our focus from self to the community of others (humanity) and the planet. It symbolises personal, interpersonal and planetary healing - life to the power of 3.

It represents humanity being a part of the sum total (Σ) of all life, while also being a container for it as we hold life in all its expression in active regard and consideration through the power of the unique wisdom of homo sapiens.

Homo sapiens was named through the observation of being ‘wise’. It is time to become just a bit ‘wisER’, to evolve from homo sapiens (=wise) to homo prudentior (=wiser, forward thinking) - or simply, to become more huΣan3.

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